Extreme Spanish in Teotitlán del Valle
an immersion experience for intermediate-level speakers of Spanish

Extreme Spanish might be called “the bungee jump” of Spanish acquisition.  Solo.  No net.  An experience that will launch you to a new level of Spanish.  During the two-day program, you will have five 90-minute conversations in the homes of your ES partners. You will not only test your language ability, but you will also learn much about this traditional Zapotec community.
Your schedule
will be built by program director Ambrocio Gutierrez, an experienced Spanish teacher presently pursuing a degree in languages and linguistics.  He will start you off with an orientation session and a quick walking tour of the locations of your conversation sessions.  In the evening, you can meet with him again to clarify any questions of grammar or vocabulary or just to share your first day’s experience.  The program ends with a final evaluation session.
Ambrocio Gutierrez, ES Director
The fee for a two-day Extreme Spanish program is $1,000 pesos ($100 US).  Longer programs can be arranged for $500 pesos ($50 US) for each additional day.  Lodging is available at addiitional cost at Las Granadas Bed & Breakfast.

To arrange your Extreme Spanish experience:  E-mail Ambrocio at ambrocioteo@gmail.com  or send an inquiry through www.LasGranadasOaxaca.com
Ambrocio and conversation partner,
Chela Gutierrez.

“My Extreme Spanish experience was overwhelmingly rewarding. The best hundred bucks I've spent on my journey through learning this language. I thoroughly enjoyed each of the participants and their generous hearts. I came away with much more than a better grip on the language.”      
                                              -- Lynda Wilde of Kingston, Ontario

“Each family I conversed with was wonderful, interesting and most helpful with my Spanish.
And Ambrocio had me tell the whole story of the movie Baby Boom in Spanish, which was really fun. I would like to do it again, for a longer time.”
                       -- Billee Anderson , proprieter of Anderson Acres,
                                                            Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Clients Say:
"Extreme Spanish provided just the experience I wanted and needed -- conversation. Ambrocio runs an organized and individualized program. He met with me, assessed my Spanish level and introduced me to all the people with whom I would work. The written itinerary with times, names and addresses was very helpful. Each 90 minute conversation flew by. And the best part? The conversation flowed due to my Spanish partners' keen abilities to speak clearly with an appropriate pace while making subtle corrections that enhanced our conversation.

I highly recommend Extreme Spanish, and I definitely plan to do the program on my next Oaxaca visit "
Linda Tuxbury, Polson, Montana