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Las Granadas Teotitlán del Valle Bed and Breakfast

Las Granadas Teotitlán del Valle  Bed and Breakfast

Room Choices  at Las Granadas Bed and Breakfast

There are five rooms available, three with private bath.  Four of the rooms are on the patio level.  WIFI is available in all the rooms at no cost to our guests.

The Deluxe Room on the 2nd level is furnished with 2 single beds and has a private bath.  Guests enjoy a spectacular view of the Sierra Juarez mountains from the room and from their private terrace.

Charge per night: 350 pesos per person (Approximately $20 US).
For reservations of 2 weeks or longer the cost is reduced by 10%.  A deposit may be required.


Payment must be made in cash, either in pesos or US dollars. We do not accept credit cards. Teotitlán is a small village without an ATM and thus functions on a cash economy.  Smaller bills or correct change are very much appreciated.  All prices are subject to change.


Patio 4 is a single room with private bath/shower.

Charge per night: 350 pesos per person (Approximately $20 US)

Patio Rooms with shared bath/shower 
Patio 2
with a two single beds.
Charge per night: 270 pesos per person (Approximately $15 US)

Patio 3
with a double bed
Charge per night: 270 pesos per person(Approximately $15 US)

The Corridor Room is at patio level with private bath/shower.  It accommodates 3 people (1 double bed and 1 single bed).

Charge per night: 350 pesos per
person (Approximately $20 US).